Olympic UFO Meet Up/WA MUFON Meeting: UFOs, Meteors, Military!

Olympic UFO Meet Up/WA MUFON Meeting: UFOs, Meteors, Military!

UFOs, Meteors, Military!  What’s up in Washington Skies: A Brief History of a UFO Hot Spot

Are you curious about UFO sightings and anomalous phenomenon in Washington. Maurene Morgan, WA Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) State Director, will explore intriguing incidents—past and present. The public is invited to share or report their sightings or events. Attendees are invited to continue the conversation afterwards at a different location.


For more information about the Olympic UFO Meet Up, email  olympic.ufo@gmail.com or call 360344-2991.


Note: It is not true that Maurene Morgan have will no longer be holding Olympic UFO and MUFON meetings—as some of you have heard from Meet Up.com. I am stopping the Meet Up.com service because it’s a hassle and expensive. Unless I can find someone to administer site for me, you will receive meeting notices by newspaper, email or FaceBook. The meetings go on!

Reminder: UFO/Paranormal Summit: March 1-3, Quinault Beach Resort, Ocean Shores. Michael Hall (UFO iTeam), Aleta DeBee (WA MUFON State Section Director), Sarah Nash, and Maurene Morgan are among those presenting programs. The annual UFO Summit is Washington’s premiere UFO conference and sells out every year. Buy tickets and reserve a hotel room soon.


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